July 28, 2014


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July 25, 2014


These people thought they could wave in the background of our shot and get away with it. They were wrong.

UCB1 is here to protect you from the horrors of photobombing. Also, this is the first piece I produced for our shiny new digital team, so CHECK IT OUTTT

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July 18, 2014


Shannon O’Neill brings you along to hang out with her celebrity friends. They’re very close.

Featuring katiedippold, jordanklepper, Ellie Kemper, Zach Woods, Bobby Moynihan, Jason Mantzoukas, & John Gemberling

UCB1 is Moujan Zolfaghari, James Patrick Robinson, mattfisher, Phebe Szatmari, Lizzy Bryce, Lauren Kahn, Daniel DeLorenzo, boriskhaykin, Keith Haskel (kskill), suesmith, Dan Erickson, Bjorn Bellenbaum, Matthew Starr, Brett White, Shannon O’Neill, Eric Yearwood, and Pavel Ezrohi 

UCB1 IS HERE TO PARTY. So, kick back and watch us chase down some celebs, won’t ya? Then let’s grab a beer BECAUSE WE’RE ALL FRIENDS AND WE ALL LOVE EACH OTHER EVERYONE CALM DOWN

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June 24, 2014

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June 19, 2014

The alter-ego Lizzy Caplan is doing a good job of representing us.

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June 14, 2014

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June 9, 2014
Notorious HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) T-Shirt/Tanktop | Feminist Apparel

Well, I know what I’m buying myself for my birthday.

June 8, 2014
Magic buttons are gluten-free (and their show is great)

Magic buttons are gluten-free (and their show is great)

June 5, 2014

Charlize Theron by Mary Ellen Matthews for SNL | NBC, May 2014

Charlize Theron by Mary Ellen Matthews for SNL | NBC, May 2014

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June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

Getting me through this Wednesday!

May 30, 2014

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May 30, 2014

Fun facts:

  • A few weeks ago during finals I forgot how to put on lipstick/do my hair because I hadn’t slept in two days.
  • On that day my office made a video about how I’m a director
  • Cool background music, right?

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May 30, 2014
Client Feedback On the Creation of the Earth.

This is wonderful. 

May 28, 2014

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